Gemhawk Plant

Gemhawk Plant and Equipment - All Gemhawk Plant MDG15 Compliant. High Quality, Reliable and well mantained.
All articulated plant are fitted with Gemhawks "ESAS" Electronic Stability Alert System to assist the operator in the prevention of articulated tray roll overs.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Hitachi - 5 ton (LGP)

Caterpillar - (LGP) - D4's, D6's,

Caterpillar - D9's, D11's

All MDG15 Compliant

Water Carts


Mercedes - 12kL Road registered

Caterpillar - 24kL, 35kL, 45kL, 75kL - Articulated & Rigid

ALL MDG15 Compliant



Komatsu - 22 ton

Caterpillar - 45 ton

Hitachi - 120 ton

ALL MDG15 Compliant



Caterpillar - 825, 815

Vibrating smooth roller

ALL MDG15 Compliant



Caterpillar - 623 Elevating

Caterpillar - 637's Push / Pull

All MDG15 Compliant.



Caterpillar - 972's, 980's

ALL MDG15 Compliant



Caterpillar 140's

All MDG 15 compliant with optional GPS

Dump Trucks (Rigid & Articulated )


Rigid - Caterpilar - 777's  (optional tailgates)

Articulated Caterpillar - 30 and 40 tons (optional tailgates)

ALL MDG15 Compliant.