Health and Safety

Gemhawk Committed to Safety.



At Gemhawk we take our health and safety responsibilities 



Our health and safety management systems are fundamental to our service delivery and processes.


Gemhawk continually strives for Zero Harm to people and Zero incidents.


Health and Safety is ingrained in our culture, from the first time a staff member puts on a Gemhawk uniform they are indoctrinated with a focus on safety, both in performing their own works and tasks safely and looking out in their work place for the safety of others.


Our focus on safety is an important element for continuous improvement in health and safety performance across all of Gemhawk.

We have in place a comprehensive company-wide Work Health and Safety Management System. The purpose of which is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the public wherever we are working and wherever our Plant operates.


We believe all incidents and injuries can be prevented, and it is on this belief that we indoctrinate our team to plan for safety, so they can Start Safe, Work Safe and Finish Safe.


Electronic Stability Alert System.


Gemhawk is dedicated to safety.

We designed, developed and installed our Electronic Stability Alert System on all relevant articulated Plant.


Designed to assist the operator in the prevention of articulated tray rollovers.


Start Safe, Work Safe and Finish Safe


The Sensors Provide:

  • Level status monitoring with real time audio and visual alert to the operator

  • Inertia status monitoring with real time audio and visual alert to the operator

  • In cabin visual display and audio alarm

  • Traffic light visual warning system display

  • Two stage audible alert


This proven product is providing results:

  • Safer equipment operations

  • Operators Behavioural changes resulting in safer driving techniques.

  • Reduction in avoidable driver instigated incidents