The Gemhawk Team

Gemhawk Services is committed to providing skilled, professional and experienced Operators and Staff, all focussed on  maintaining a safe working environment for the health, safety and welfare of our staff and contractors.


Through strong management and ongoing training:


  • Gemhawk manage workplace hazards through rigorous risk management processes.

  • Gemhawk meet our obligations for Work Health, Safety and Environmental Management, using stringent policies and standard operating procedures.

  • Gemhawk provide comprehensive and ongoing training, instruction and supervision in effective, efficient and safe work practises and procedures.

  • Gemhawk monitor the health and welfare of our employees, providing the necessary facilities to enable our team to work safely and efficiently.

  • We provide rehabilitation and support services to our people impacted by work-related injuries or illness during their return to work program.


Gemhawk set, manage and monitor workplace objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement endeavouring to exceed performance targets whilst minimising the risks and the potential for work-related injury and illness.

Andrew Gent


Director and Operations Manager

Andrew established Gemhawk in 1973. Committed to delivering professional and expert services.